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No other course on the market offers so much in one single system.

All for only $59 per month!

Included with your subscription:

NMLS SAFE Practice Test Questions 
Our SAFE test practice questions are designed to mimic the format of the actual NMLS SAFE exam.  Each question will give you the explanation of what the answer is, so you learn as you go. 

  • 23 Mixed Subject Practice Tests - 40 questions each 

    • Mixed subject tests have the same topic balance as the actual NMLS exam​.

    • Each of the mixed subject practice tests are all different and progressively get more difficult.

  • 7 Mortgage Law Practice Tests - 40 questions each

  • 2 Mortgage Disclosure Tests - 20 questions each

  • 2 Fee Tolerance Tests - 20 questions each

  • 8 Math Specific Tests - Over 200 math questions in total

    • LTV​

    • Discount Points

    • Temporary Buydown

    • Debt-to-Income Ratios

    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) CAPS

    • Per Diem Interest

    • Total Math Review Test - mixed math subjects

All math problems give the formula and detailed explanations after you answer the question.




Simulation Exams

The 3 simulation exams are to mimic the actual NMLS SAFE Exam and to assess if you are ready to take the real exam.

  • Once you PASS all 3 simulation tests, you are ready to take the "real" NMLS SAFE test.​


  • Each exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions with 190 minutes to complete.

  • You are allowed to take the exams as many times as you like.

  • You will be given the answers to missed questions.




Video Training Course - NMLS Test

30 training videos in chronological order broken down into the 5 sections of the exam. 

The videos cover everything you need to know in a upbeat, fun and, entertaining way.  Screenshot Example

  • Over 6 hours of high quality video that include charts, examples, and knowledge checks. 

  • The videos are narrated by an expert NMLS instructor with over 20 years of mortgage experience.

  • You can skip to any pages / videos your like.

  • This course is compatible with most smartphones.




Laws and Letters Video

Learn and memorize the mortgage laws and letters associated with them within 15 minutes!

  • This memory system is exclusive & created by (MMT)

    • It will amaze you by how easy the laws and letters are to remember.




MLO SAFE Test Prep Guide

You will love our amazing 380 page SAFE MLO Test Prep Guide that is both easy to read and understand. The guide is continuously updated with any changing rules, regulations or related laws. Screenshot Example

  • Includes knowledge checks, examples, and scenarios.


The NMLS SAFE Prep Guide Chapters:

**Mimics the NMLS test outline 

  • Uniform State Content

  • General Mortgage Knowledge

  • MLO Activities

  • Federal Laws

  • Ethics




Flashcards - Audio and Digital 

Over 560 Digital and Audio Flashcards based on the key subjects of the test. Screenshot Example


Flashcards are broken down into the following 6 categories:

  • Laws

  • Laws and Letters

  • Terms

  • Disclosure

  • Loans

  • All Subjects

Note: The audio flashcards were not made with a robot computer voice (that would be lame), but with a real persons voice for an easy listening experience.




11 NMLS Reference Guides

These easy to read reference guides quickly breakdown the important concepts and formulas on the NMLS exam.

Included reference guides:

  • The SAFE Act

  • Education and Licensing Rules

  • Qualified Mortgage

  • QM - 3% Rule

  • HCML & HPML Rules

  • NMLS Disclosure & Timing 

  • TRID Disclosure Timing

  • Tolerance Limits

  • Mortgage Laws

  • TILA & The Right of Recession 

  • NMLS Math Formulas Including:

    • Income​

    • DTI

    • Mortgage Insurance

    • Points 

    • Interest Only

    • Per Diem Interest

    • Buydown

    • Loan-to-Value (LTV)




NMLS Glossary  

Hundreds of key words and mortgage terms will keep you on top of all the tricky vocabulary.

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